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Wild branches, lackluster limbs, and crowns that aren't looking quite so royal are all signs that your trees require professional trimming services. The good news is our company offers affordable tree trimming Pittsburgh, PA. With the right tools and equipment, our skilled arborists properly cut, prune, and shape trees to remain healthy and great looking.

One of the first ways to achieve excellent curb appeal is by ensuring trees and shrubs are neatly manicured without dead branches hanging around. We're a company of experienced tree care specialists who enjoy keeping trees in their best condition year-round. Trimming is an essential part of tree health. With over a decade of expertise, customers can count on our capabilities. The methods that we use are always evolving as new technology emerges.

However, there are a few time-tested techniques that we stick to because why break something if it isn't broken? Our end goal is always the same: trim trees to look amazing and not interfere with the surrounding property, such as powerlines and rooftops. We'll give you a FREE consultation and estimate when you call and book an appointment with us for valuable tree-trimming services.

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What are the Different Tree Trimming Techniques We Utilize?

Some may think tree trimming is the sole use of hedge trimmers or chainsaws to lop off branches. That's not exactly how it works. Trimming trees is an art form that requires precision and accuracy. Bad trim jobs can damage a tree. We make sure not to dot at. Here are some of the ways we go about tree trimming in Pittsburgh, PA:

  • Crown Thinning - We remove the smaller, weaker parts of the top of the tree to thin the area out and allow for more air and light to get in
  • Dead Pruning - Removal of dead and diseased limbs to improve the tree's health and to make your landscape more appealing
  • Crown Reduction - A procedure that focuses on the tree's overall height. It involves moving smaller branches from the crown's larger units so the tree doesn't get too heavy
  • Crown Lifting - A simple process that removes the tree's lower limbs and branches that are weighing down the upper portion
  • Pollarding - the Removal of all branches leaving only the primary branches' framework

As you can see, we take many approaches to tree trimming. Our experts will know what your trees need upon inspection. Have you viewed our featured image gallery? There you'll see photos of previous trim jobs that we've completed.

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Are There Benefits to Keeping Trees Neatly Trimmed?

Trimming tree limbs is a vital part of keeping trees in good health and the landscape as a whole. It's not a practice you want to avoid. Whether you're a residential or commercial property owner, we highly recommend tree care services because:

  • They Promote Tree Health - Dead branches, broken limbs, and diseased parts of trees need to be trimmed away. However, you do not want rot and disease harming the health interests of your trees or causing the entire system to die.
  • Pest Prevention - Vermin love rotten wood. When you have decay on a tree, you can count on insects and pests making nests there. That can be harmful to your health.
  • Increases Sunlight - We all love a good shade tree. However, adequate sunlight is important for grass, plant, and vegetation growth. Scaling tree branches back allows for more sunlight to shine onto your landscape.
  • Property Protection - Branches can become tangled in powerlines, poke through windows, and even drop off onto roofing systems. The only way to prevent property damage of that nature is to trim your trees.
  • Protects Family & Visitors - Weak Limbs that need to be trimmed can drop off unexpectedly. That can be a real problem for someone who is walking by. Low-hanging branches can also pose the risk of people accidentally walking into them.
  • Boosts Curb Appeal - Trimming trees enhances your landscape's look. If you're trying to sell your property, a potential buyer first notices the yard.

Would you like to learn more about tree trimming and our other services? If so, we invite you to visit the frequently updated company blog.

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Professional Tree Trimming in Pittsburgh is Our Passion

We do enjoy caring for trees ad shrubs. It's always been a passion for our team of talented arborists. Sometimes, a tree must come completely down, but in other scenarios, a simple trim will suffice. We use industrial equipment and safety tools to ensure the job gets done safely and efficiently. You may be wondering about all the branches and limbs cut away.

Where do they go? We assure you your lawn won't be in disarray when we leave. Our crew disposes of the branches for you. However, some clients choose to keep the wood for themselves. If that sounds like something you want to do, we are happy to cut the branches into manageable pieces. Our team hopes you choose us for your future tree care needs.



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