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Grooming trees of all shapes and sizes, so they look their very best.

Leave the tree care to the Pittsburgh Tree Trimming & Removal Service professionals! Keeping your trees looking healthy and well-maintained is a big job, especially if you lead a busy life. We love what we do and aim to make your trees look incredible. Our company uses various methods to achieve proper trimming, pruning, and shaping.

You're going to love how nice your trees and shrubs look once we get through beautifying them. In addition to our stellar arborists' skills, we also offer the lowest rates in the city. You shouldn't have to take out a second mortgage just to have trim trees.

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Have You Heard? We Offer Extraordinary Tree Care in Pittsburgh!

Call Us for Tree Care in Pittsburgh Including Trimming Services!

Trimming your trees is a big part of what makes them stay healthy and have a lovely appearance. Unfortunately, it can often be easy to overlook this important tree care process due to busyness.

The good news is our arborists are here to help you out. We enjoy giving trees a little nip here and a subtle tuck there. Or, sometimes, more unruly trees require a bit more trimming.

We have the equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Your trees will look like new once we're through.

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Take it From Us: Your Pittsburgh Trees Need Pro Pruning!

We've been asked if there is a difference between tree trimming and pruning, and the short answer is YES. The two indeed have some similarities, but unlike trimming, pruning focuses on actually removing different parts of the tree or shrub.

In some cases, your tree's branches might be growing too close to your home. We'll remove the offending branches to create a safe space.

There are particular times of year to prune different species of trees, and our arborists will make you privy to what is best for yours. Are you ready to schedule an appointment with us today?

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Keeping Trees in Optimal Shape Through Tree Care in Pittsburgh

Did you know that you can shape your trees into any pattern or look that you want? From round to clean-cut angles, anything is possible with our talented tree care experts. Pittsburgh, PA, has many different trees lining the streets of its business district.

Perhaps, you own a property there? We can shape your trees into something unique and eye-catching. If you'd like to see some of our handy work, please check out our featured image gallery.

Professional tree shaping also keeps your trees healthier.

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Excellent Tree Planting & Transplanting Services

There are many aspects to tree care that we'd like to educate the local community about. For example, tree transplanting is a wonderful service for home and business owners who have a tree they wish to see removed but don't want it to be destroyed.

Our team can remove the tree and transplant it to another location preserving its life and making another landscape look great. We can also plant new trees in all shapes, sizes, and species should you want more shade in your yard.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the tree species that thrive best in the Pittsburgh area.

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Shrubs Need Trimming? It's Part of Our Pittsburgh Tree Care!

Shrubs can be beautiful ornamental assets to your front yard, patio area, and even lining the pathway to your storefront. However, if they're not properly maintained, they can grow out of control. Before you know it, that cute little bush in front of your house is taking over the porch.

In addition to looking a bit crazy, shrubs can also harbor insects and vermin if not trimmed regularly. Don't worry, should we find a nest of baby squirrels, we'll relocate them someplace safe.

Keeping shrubs healthy and attractive begins with professional trimming services.

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Brilliant Cabling & Bracing Solutions for Pittsburgh Trees

As trees grow and age, they can become weakened in spots such as at the crown or the base of the trunk. That doesn't necessarily mean the trees need to come down.

If you are attached to your extensive and in charge trees that have been on your property for years, we can offer cabling and bracing services to help preserve them and keep them from tumbling over.

Cabling involves metal rods being placed at the top of the tree, helping to stabilize weak branches, while bracing is installed at the lower portion of the tree. The two treatments work best when combined.

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Offering Compelling Tree Disease Treatment that Works!

It's incredible how trees mimic the needs of humans in so many ways. They require grooming treatments just like we need haircuts and also disease solutions. You can think of our arborists as physicians for your trees.

When a tree shows signs of disease, it is crucial to treat the problem right away so that it doesn't spread to the surrounding plant life. Things to look out for are discolored spots on the tree's trunk and branches that no longer produce leaves.

We offer a variety of treatment options to help your trees get back on the path to health and looking majestic. Would you like to learn more about the different diseases that affect trees in Pennsylvania? Please visit our blog for a plethora of information.

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