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Are you dealing with unsightly stumps in your yard? Perhaps, you're wondering how you can rid yourself of the stumps once and for all. Then, you've come to the right place! Our company offers comprehensive tree stump removal in Pittsburgh. Since 2012 we've provided professional tree care and removal services for residential and commercial customers.

Removing the stump and roots is essential when you take a tree or shrub down. Why? Well, there are numerous reasons like tree regrowth, safety, and curb appeal. We're here to keep your landscape looking incredible through high-quality services encouraging healthy tree, bush, and plant growth. However, sometimes you have to remove trees and their stumps to make room for other trees to grow correctly.

We offer a FREE consultation service that allows us to assess your stumps and determine which stump removal is best. We offer grinding, pulling, and chemical removal. From there, we'll give you a zero-cost estimate. So you can't go wrong when you choose us as your tree stump removal specialist.


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What are the Benefits of Tree Stump Removal Services?

Professionally getting rid of stumps in Pittsburgh, PA, is a wise decision whether you're a home or business owner. However, stumps make your landscape look littered and don't do much for curb appeal. So let's check out some other benefits of stump removal:

  • Stop Roots from Growing - Did you know that your stumps are still attached to root systems that are healthy and growing? That means the tree you just cut down will begin to grow back. Rapid stump removal eradicates the roots and stops regrowth.
  • Gives More Space - Stumps cluttering your yard means you have less space for yard decor, hosting an event, or planting a garden. 
  • Easier Lawn Maintenance - Maneuvering lawn equipment around tree stumps isn't easy and can sometimes result in property damage. Sometimes, stumps can hide behind tall grasses and take you off guard when mowing or weed-whacking.
  • Increased Safety - Tree stumps are trip and fall hazards, especially for children and the elderly. The best way to protect yourself from a liability lawsuit is to remove those stumps from your landscape quickly.

It makes sense to have professional stump removal services. But how do you know which type is best for you? Our team of seasoned arborists can help make that determination. In the meantime, please check out our blog for stump removal information and more.


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Don't Let Tree Stumps Take Over Your Landscape!

Did you know that with our company, cheap tree stump removal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is possible? We make it a point to keep our prices low and competitive. Tree removal can often be pricey, so we understand why many people avoid having it done or performing the service by themselves.

The problem with DIY stump removal is that you often risk property damage, landscape destruction, and even personal injury. Our arborists have decades of experience removing stumps from all types of locations. The size of the stump doesn't matter as we have a method of ridding it from your life.

We offer numerous forms of stump removal, but the most common is grinding. Our grinding machine swiftly grinds the stump down to pulp and then uses a special attachment to extract the roots. It's a simple process that gets the job done quickly. We'll then backfill the hole with soil, and your landscape will look as good as new!


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Pittsburgh's Best Tree Stump Removal Company

Trying to figure out how to remove those dastardly stumps from your property can be unnerving. The great news is you don't have to! Pittsburgh Tree trimming & Removal Service has it all figured out for you. We use industry-leading tools and equipment to quickly grab those stumps and their roots and send them to the sawmill.

For decades we've been beautifying the Pittsburgh borough with our arborist's skills. Our team trims, prunes, and shapes trees and bushes into outdoor works of art. However, when a tree needs to be removed, we've got the skills to make it happen.

We aim to keep landscapes looking tremendous and safe through professional arborist techniques. Do you have a tree stump that needs to go? Please call, email, or use our handy online form to schedule an appointment.



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"The Pittsburgh Tree Trimming & Removal company provided us with quick service AND a very reasonable price for our tree removal. We had a 30-foot tree removed from the corner of the house because it began leaning after a storm. They did a great job and I would be happy to use them again."
- Taylor S.

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