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You're sitting in your kitchen sipping on the morning's coffee and having breakfast when suddenly, you notice your maple tree has a branch headed straight toward your window. How did that happen so quickly? In our experience as professional arborists, tree limbs can have a mind of their own! So what do you do? Well, you call our company for fast and affordable tree branch removal in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our team has the experience to quickly remove the branch without harming the tree or your property. We use industry-leading tools and equipment to ensure the job gets done correctly the first time. Of course, not everyone wants to take an entire tree down off their property, especially if it's an ornamental tree that's been there for a while.

However, some techniques, such as limb removal, can minimize the risk of property damage. The great news is our arborists are familiar with all aspects of branch cutting, trimming, and removing services. Are you ready for a FREE consultation? Please call or email our office today to get started.


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What are the Benefits of Expert Tree Branch Removal Services?

Tree limb removal in Pittsburgh, PA, is a delicate process that is best left up to those with experience, training, and the right equipment. DIY branch removal can be a dangerous practice for both you and your tree. Here are some benefits to having professional tree limb removals services:

  • We're Trained - Removing limbs from a tree is much more than hacking away with a saw or using a power tool to get the job done. There is a technique for cutting away the branch without harming the tree's integrity.
  • You Save Money - Our arborists are fully equipped to remove branches from your trees, which means we have all the power tools and equipment needed. Unfortunately, trying to DIY your branch removal service means you'll have to foot the bill for the proper tools.
  • Safety Measures - Using power tools and sharp saws while on a ladder comes with significant risk. Thankfully, our arborists have the safety equipment to make the job go smoothly and without incident.
  • Clean Up - Once a branch is severed from a tree, it falls to the ground. To keep your landscape neat, you need to clean up the debris. Our team hauls away the mess, so you don't have to.

As previously stated, large tree branch removal is quite a big job. However, our arborists are experienced and fully equipped to take it on no matter what. Have you viewed our tree removal blog yet? There you'll learn loads about the branch removal process.


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Got Unruly Tree Branches? Don't Delay Pittsburgh Removal Services!

There are many ways to combat out-of-control tree limbs and branches. Instead of complete removal, our team can offer to trim your Pittsburgh tree branches. However, the most important thing is having tree care services done, especially when limbs threaten to impose upon your property or power lines.

Trees are a beautiful ecosystem component, but when they are not properly maintained, they can wreak havoc. It is better to have branches trimmed or removed than to experience costly damage to your home.

We've seen tree limbs poke through windows, fall on roofs, and get tangled up in telephone wires, and the outcome is never good. Did you know that we offer FREE consultations and estimates? Our Pittsburgh arborists will look at your trees and determine the best course of action for removal services. You have nothing to lose other than a few rogue tree branches and tree debris removal.


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Pittsburgh's #1 Tree Branch Removal Company

As a professional company, Pittsburgh Tree Trimming & Removal Service is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We want your home, business, and other property to stay safe beneath hr trees. So when it comes to tree branch removal in Pittsburgh, you can trust that we're the team that makes great things happen.

We only use top-tier equipment to ensure your tree services are performed as safely as possible. Another significant aspect of our business is that we are affordable. You can expect the lowest rates in the state when you call us for tree branch and limb removal services.

Along with our no-charge estimates, that's a pretty good deal! So, the bottom line is, when you require tree branch trimming, pruning, or removal, our company is the only option that guarantees complete satisfaction, competitive prices, and a job well done. Are you ready to begin? Please fill out our convenient online contact form, and we'll be right with you.



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- Taylor S.

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In between watching the Steelers and enjoying a pepperoni roll or two, it is essential to take great care of your trees and shrubs. That's where we come in! Our arborists offer superior tree and stump removal, disease management and prevention, lot & land clearing, and targeted services for residential and commercial customers. We're available 24/7 for tree-related emergencies.

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