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Stump Grinding Pittsburgh - We Get Rid of Ugly Stumps!

Are you tired of dastardly stumps plaguing your landscape? We can help you get rid of them with professional stump grinding Pittsburgh. Since 2012 our team of hardcore arborists has been working diligently to provide a superior level of tree care services, which includes stump grinding.

We're a fully licensed, bonded, and insured business that takes every step to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We build relationships with clients through tree care, removal, and stump grinding procedures. Our tree removal company wants residential and commercial customers to have safe, aesthetic landscapes.

The trees and shrubs in your yard play a big role in the property's curb appeal. When stumps are thrown into the mix, they create an atmosphere of messiness. Stumps also carry major liability risks, like trips and fall accidents, infestations, and wood rot. Today is a great day to book your stump removal services with experienced arborists and more than up to the job.

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How Can Stump Removal Benefit My Landscape?

Let's face it. Stumps are nothing more than eyesores. Sure, you may have your occasional decorative stump, but those need to be treated with special chemicals to prevent rot and regrowth. There are many reasons to consider stump grinding, and here are a few of them:

  • Protects Plants from Disease - Do you have a dying stump near your vegetable garden or flower beds? The stump can transfer plant-borne diseases! Removing stumps creates a healthier environment for your foliage and edible plants.
  • Lower Risk of Infestations - Certain insects love nothing more than a wet, decaying stump. Mosquitoes thrive in old stumps, as do small animals that can cause many problems. So do away with the stump and do away with infestations.
  • Prevent Tree Regrowth - Chances are you have a stump because you wanted a tree gone. Leaving the stump and roots intact almost guarantees a new tree will sprout.
  • Regain Space - It's hard to plant a garden, set up a swingset, or add a picnic table to your yard when there's a stump in the way. Removal instantly adds more space to your property.
  • Makes Lawncare Easier - Have y ever tried to mow your lawn around a stump? Talk about a hassle! You'll have to spend time weed-whacking around the stump where the mower could not reach. Nobody wants to waste time doing that!

There are numerous reasons to schedule services for stump grinding. First, we want your yard to look incredible, and stump removal makes it possible.

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Your Stumps Won't Grind Themselves. Let Us Handle It!

It doesn't matter the size or shape of your stump because we have equipment like root grinders to get the job done. The best thing you can do for your landscape is to allow an experienced team of arborists to remove the stumps. There are plenty of reports of trip and fall accidents caused by hidden stumps each summer.

If you have a random stump in your yard covered by tall grass, you're looking at a real liability on your hands! There's no reason not to remove a stump and root system at the time of tree removal. Some companies leave the stump or charge astronomical rates to take them out.

That's not how we roll. Our team has everything needed to make the procedure a success. We utilize grinding tools like industrial hand grinders, chemicals, and more. So, before you hook a chain up to your truck and pull the stump out, please consider our quick and easy stump removal services. We never leave your yard a mess and always backfill the hole that's left.

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Pittsburgh's #1 Tree Stump Grinding Crew is at Your Service

We're a dedicated tree care company that wants to help its local community keep its landscapes clean, healthy, and well-manicured. Together we can achieve this through fantastic, affordable tree and stump removal services. Are you interested in keeping your trees on-site? Excellent.

We provide trimming, pruning, and other services focusing on maintaining healthy trees. Do you know that prompt stump removal is a way to protect surrounding trees from disease and nutrient deprivation? Unfortunately, stumps still have their root systems attached, so they're still drawing nutrition from the soil.

That's why new trees often begin to sprout. Our affordable company has tree and shrub services for every need. You can learn more about us by checking the company blog or calling the office. We look forward to hearing from you!



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- Taylor S.

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