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We offer our local neighbors in Pittsburgh a variety of tree, branch & limb, stump, and root removal services for the most affordable prices in Pennsylvania.

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Second-to-None Pittsburgh Tree Removal Services

Pro Tree Removal in Pittsburgh, PA

That big oak tree in your yard has been there for decades. In fact, your great-grandma planted it when she was just a little girl. Even though it's hard to part with such an heirloom, if the tree is dead and hollow on the inside, it must come down as it is an extreme liability on your property. Tree removal in Pittsburgh suddenly becomes a must!

Even if you find yourself staring at a perfectly healthy tree but have decided you don't like where it is growing, our crew of licensed and insured arborists can have it removed in no time. When it comes to tree removal, our customers are the boss. Tell us what you need, and we'll get it done! Do you have a tree that requires professional removal? Get in touch with us today for a FREE estimate!

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Fast & Affordable Tree Cutting Services

Do you have a downed tree in your yard, and you're scratching your head trying to figure out how you're going to get all of that wood and debris off your grass? We have a solution: tree cutting in Pittsburgh.

Our tree removal company of wise and intellectual arborists has a few tricks up their sleeves to get your tree trunk, and branches cut into pieces that can either be hauled away or neatly stacked for later use. It's your choice.

We gladly offer tree cutting services to customers whose trees we just cut down or in an emergency situation when a tree has fallen due to old age, storms, etc. We work fast and efficiently for your convenience.

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Prompt Tree Root Removal Saves You Future Headache

Here's a little secret about tree roots: they don't always stay underground where they belong! When roots begin growing above ground, they are terrible eyesores and become tripping hazards. You don't even want to know what they can do to your lawnmower. The sole solution is often tree root removal in Pittsburgh, PA.

Don't be fooled! Underground tree roots can have a sinister nature, too, if they decide to wrap around pipes or poke into your home's foundation. Have you ever seen tree roots grow through a basement window? It's not a pretty sight, nor is it a cheap repair.

If you suspect you have tree roots doing their own thing on your commercial or residential property, please get in touch with us so we can assess the situation and come up with a root removal plan.

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The Most Beneficial Limb & Branch Removal Options

We offer many options for branch & limb removal. It all depends on where the branches are, how big the tree is, and whether there is an immediate need to redirect the limbs; For example, if they're headed towards a structure of power lines.

Our tree experts use high-quality tools and equipment to safely and swiftly remove ominous tree branches from your landscape. The difference between removal and trimming is that removal pretty much ensures the threat doesn't return. If you have rogue tree branches that are heading straight for the powerlines or your garage's roof, give us a call today for tree branch removal in Pittsburgh.

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Down in the Dumps Over Stump Removal? Don't Be, We Can Help

Stumps can be a major pain in the you-know-what...literally! Have you ever tripped over one while walking in the yard? Avoid trip and fall accidents, lawnmower damage, and other undesirable happenings when you hire our team for professional stump removal in Pittsburgh.

Did you know that when stumps begin to rot, they harbor gross insects and vermin? Plus, an old, rotting stump definitely does not increase the curb appeal of your property.

We use a few different methods for stump removal, but the most common is grinding and extraction. Once we have completed tree stump removal from your yard, we'll backfill the hole with dirt, so no trace of the stump is left. 

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Pittsburgh Shrub Removal - We Have the Experience & Extracting Tools You Need!

It sounds like a match made in heaven to us, especially if your shrubs are wild, unruly, and need to go! Our team will complete the shrub removal as close to the base as we possibly can and then apply a chain to what's left and yank the roots out of the ground.

You're welcome to watch the removal process from a safe distance. Once we're finished removing your shrubs, we'll either backfill the area with dirt, so there is no hole leftover, or we can plant new trees or bushes in their place. Make your requests known to our team, and we'll make them happen!

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Superior Commercial Tree Services for Your Pennsylvania Business

When your commercial property is filled with trees and shrubs that are in obvious need of haircuts, their unruly presence just might be deterring potential customers from your business. The immediate solution? Commercial tree services for your Pittsburgh business.

Don't panic; we've got customizable commercial services that are fit for your unique landscape needs. Pittsburgh Tree Trimming & Removal Service also offers lot & land clearing using heavy-duty machinery that gets the job done fast. Let's get you on our schedule today so that we can get your commercial tree services underway.

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Stump Grinding for Complete Removal of Unsightly Stumps!

Tree stump grinding in Pittsburgh is a great way to get rid of unwanted tree stumps. Our qualified experts are experienced and knowledgeable in the process and can take care of any large or small tree stumps that need to be removed safely and efficiently.

The process involves using a specialized grinder to grind down the wood material of the stump until it is reduced to sawdust. This sawdust can then be cleaned up, either by hand or with a vacuum cleaner, leaving behind a flat surface where new grass or other vegetation can be planted. The entire process takes only minutes and is both safe and efficient for homeowners who want to make sure their yards look neat and tidy.

Tree stump grinding in Pittsburgh is also an affordable option compared to other stump removal methods available. Not only will you save money, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that your tree stump has been taken care of by professionals who know what they're doing.

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