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Are you looking for professional land clearing in Pittsburgh but don't know who to call? We have a solution! Our company happily provides lot and land clearing for rock bottom prices. Plus, our crew knows what they're doing as they have decades of experience in removing trees, brush, and shrubs.

So whether you're looking to build a new home on a plot of forested land or your current property has too many trees on it, our team can tackle the task with flying colors.

Pittsburgh Tree Trimming & Removal Services has been remedying tree and bush overcrowding issues since 2012. We have the tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time. You see, we don't believe in mistakes, so you can expect perfection when we're on the scene.

Additionally, our prices are meager in comparison to the competition. So, you see, choosing us for all of your land clearing needs is a winning situation across the board. So, are you ready to get started?

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Is Lot & Land Clearing Harmful to the Environment? Read on to Learn...

Land clearing companies in Pittsburgh, such as ours, take a great deal of care to ensure that these services are completed in the appropriate manner. We never start lopping down trees just for the fun of it. However, in some cases, tree and shrub culling is necessary and actually good for the ecosystem. Let's discuss why:

  • Reduced Chance of Fire - If you have an overabundance of trees and bushes on your property, your fire risk goes up. It's impossible to control the number of dead limbs and leaves that come from the trees, which are very dry and act as kindling, so the best solution is to clear some of them away.
  • Increased Property Value - Having an appropriate amount of trees on your property increases curb appeal. That can go a long way when you're trying to sell your home.
  • Decreased Storm Damages - The more trees you have around your home, the higher the risk of damages occurring during storms and high winds.
  • Offers Protection - Not all trees, shrubs, and plants are safe for humans and pets to be around, such as poison hemlock. Land clearing is a profound solution to the problem.
  • Insect Reduction - Plant life is beautiful in many ways but having too many bushes and tall grasses on your land is a haven for insect infestations like mosquitoes.
  • Avoid Code Violations - Did you know that you can have too many trees in your yard in Pittsburgh and violate local codes? Don't let that happen to you!

We hope you've considered the reasons for having land clearing that we've listed. However, not all cases of tree removal are bad for the environment. Would you like to learn more? Please visit our blog space.

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Do You Need Land Clearing? Don't Delay this Valuable Service!

It can be a big decision to have your trees and bushes tamed on your Pittsburgh property. But the longer you wait to have land cleared, the worse your problem will become. Trees tend to live for decades, and they continue to grow wider and taller as time passes.

If you have tree branches growing too close for comfort towards your property, they'll only be closer in a few months from now. Keep in mind that land clearing doesn't mean that we have to remove every single tree or shrub from your property.

We can do a partial clearing where we simply cull the herd if you will. Are you looking to build a real estate or a parking lot and require total demolition of all plant life from the lot? No problem.

We have the equipment and machinery to tackle the project. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a zero-cost consultation.

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We Clear Land in Pittsburgh, PA; it's What We Do.

When your yard is looking more like a jungle than a well-kept landscape, we give you options. You can have total and complete land clearing services where we take away all trees and shrubs from your lot, or you can have a partial clearing. After a FREE consultation with our arborists, you'll have a better understanding of what makes the most sense for your situation.

Our goal is to keep your land safe and attractive for years to come. If you're in the market of building a new house, out-building, or business, we can definitely provide you with land clearing services that are tailored to your needs and budget. Get in touch with our staff today to discuss your options further.

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- Taylor S.

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